West Of Heaven

First Book in Hugh Cook's Oceans of Light Trilogy.


In turbulent times, young lawyer Atlanta survives an attack by a golem and decides to deal with her foe, Vignis Vo Gorkindachina. Her decision is to seek to destroy him through the law, by seeking his banishment. In this novel, Atlanta, full of ambition, tests her will and her ability against the world in which she lives. Set in Chalakanesia, a land which straddles the metapsychic faultline, with consequences ranging from the quirky to the terrifying. Not your average everyday alternative reality!

Plot (Spoilers)

The main character is Atlanta Ignalina Jubiladilia a member of the Jubiladilia Family who specialize in diving using "adaptive skins", however Atlanta has chosen a career as an aggressive lawyer, her main customers being fishermen.

Atlanta is engaged to Yulius Epoktatima.

Her friend Soba Lubamacasta has racked up massive debts and is being sued by Gorkindachina who needs repayment to satisfy his own creditors. Atlanta is defending Soba in court and petitioning the senate.

Atlanta's Grandfather Zinjanthrop wants Gorkindachina to go bankrupt so Atlanta's brother Heineman can take Gorkindachina's senate seat.

A deal is arranged to make everyone happy except Atlanta:

Atlanta is furious at first, but soon relents and ends up sleeping with Gorkindachina, which impregnates her.

There are complaints about the family "adaptive skins", used in diving. Atlanta tests the skins and is almost killed.

Atlanta dithers about marrying Gorkindachina for so long, he marries Atlanta's sister Panjalo instead.

Atlanta reports the dangers of the family "adaptive skins" to the senate.

First book - West of Heaven
Second book - East of Hell
Third book - North of Paradise

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