The Worshippers And The Way


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The Worshippers And The Way (UK)
by Steve Crisp
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The Worshippers And The Way (UK)
by Steve Crisp
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The Worshippers And The Way (
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Front Cover

Cover illustration by Steve Crisp.
Steve Crisp works available from Worlds of Wonder.

Back Cover

'Enemy behind us,' said the singlefighter.
So Hatch slammed the fighter into a wrenching turn, a turn
so savage he had to tighten his stomach muscles to keep
himself from passing out.
And there was his enemy.
In his sights.
The enemy for real? or a drone?
Hatch hesitated, just for a moment, and a moment was
far too long.
Asodo Hatch and Lupus Lon Oliver had already established
themselves as the best of the best at the Combat College,
which was designed to produce Startroopers for the
Stormforce of the Nexus. In just under a year, they would
face the terminal examinations that would decide which one
of them attained the lucrative position of instructor. There
was only one instructor's position. And to win it, one would
have to defeat the other in combat within the illusion

Inside Cover

'Abort!' said Lupus, with more urgency. Then 'Abort!
Abort! Abort!'
The ground went soggy underfoot and he began to sink
into the vermilion sands, which were warm, then hot,
then hotter. He struggled to free himself. He could not.
He was drowning down in the sands, and the ants were
advancing upon him with anthropophagous intent.
Lupus shot the nearest ant. But there were a million
others behind it.
'Blood of a bitch!' said Lupus.
Then turned his gun on himself. He pressed the barrel
hard against his head.
He winced.
And then he pulled the trigger.
The world buckled like a display screen infected with a
touch of the drunks. The ants faded to shadow. A high-
pitched giggle tittered through the backspaces of infinity.
Then Lupus Lon Oliver found himself back in the
initiation seat, back in the combat bay, back in the
Combat College and free from the world of illusion.
'Nice trip?' said Paraban Senk, the unembodied Teacher
of Control whose chosen aspect was featured on a
communications screen located inside the combat bay.


The Worshippers and the Way -
Chronicles of an Age of
Darkness: Volume 9
Paperback Inferno, Aug 1992 by Jim Steel

Corgi (Transworld)
1992 (0-552-13848-7)
Stock of this printing was purchased by Colin Smythe and issued with the ISBN 0-86140-400-9.

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