The Women And The Warlords


Paperback Cover for
The Women And The Warlords (UK)
by Steve Crisp
Hardcover Cover for
The Women And The Warlords (UK)
by Steve Crisp
Cover for The Oracle (US)
by Don Maitz
Original Artwork for The Oracle (US)
by Don Maitz
Cover for Die Traumdeuterin (German) ("The Dream Interpreter")
by Dieter Rottermund

Front Cover

Cover illustration by Steve Crisp.
Steve Crisp works available from Worlds of Wonder.

Back Cover

'Lord Alagrace said you'd help.'
'Any oracle can give you a reading,' replied Yen Olass.
'I told Alagrace an oracle couldn't help me,'
said the Ondrask. 'I told him I wasn't interested in a
reading. But he told me you'd do better than that.
He told me you'd fix it.'
'What?' said Yen Olass.
She was genuinely shocked, and it took
a lot to shock her.
So begins Yen Olass' involvement in the
life-long feud of the warlords of the Collosnon
Empire. She was to witness war, madness
and wizardry, and would play a greater part in the
events of her time than a mere oracle had
any right to expect.

Inside Cover

Yen Olass screamed.
A cry of horror broke loose from her throat as something
shattered her vision.
She saw Chonjara's foot still in the air, still rising, her
Casting Board breaking apart, the ivory Indicators scat-
And she heard Lord Alagrace, his voice a roar of outrage :
'Children play girl-games,' said Chonjara, his voice
thick with anger - and with something close to hatred.
'Men have other ways to work the world.'
Lord Alagrace now had no choice. The Law of Readings
compelled him, as the most senior person present -
Lawmaker in the absence of the Lord Emperor Khmar,
and hence senior even to Volaine Haveros, the Lord
Commander of Gendormargensis - to ask the patrons to
name the doom of the criminal who had interrupted the
'Lonth Denesk,' said Lord Alagrace. 'Tonaganuk. This
individual has interrupted your reading. I ask you-'
'There is no reading,' said Tonaganuk.
And with those words he committed himself to mortal


'The earlier volumes in Cook's Chronicles of an Age of Darkness look at a familiar fantasy world of warring kingdoms from a refreshingly witty, unsentimental and contemporary perspective: in a flight of imagination, for example, volume one compared wizards to nuclear scientists. This third book considers the plight of an intelligent single woman who, as an oracle, enjoys neither a fixed role nor a class niche…. As in previous novels, Cook's picaresque plot yields abundant adventure, baroque inventions with a darkly comic edge and, along the way, a measure of rueful insight.' - Publishers Weekly

'Volume 3 enhances this fantasy epic collection with swift action, a well-developed world in which an oracle becomes involved in superpower warlord battle for control, and characterization which is realistic.' - The Bookwatch

The Women and the Warlords
Vector, Aug 1989 by Ken Lake
The Women and the Warriors
Paperback Inferno, Feb 1988 by Andy Sawyer

Colin Smythe
27 March 1989 (0-86140-265-0) £14.99

Corgi (Transworld)
1987 (0-552-13131-8) out of print

co-publisher. Chester Springs, Penn.: Dufour Editions

Paperback published as
Popular Library (Warner Books)
July 1989 (USA 0-445-20914-3; Canada 0-445-20915-1)

1998 (3-453-14919-X)

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