The Wishstone And The Wonderworkers


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The Wishstone And The Wonderworkers (UK)
by Steve Crisp
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The Wishstone And The Wonderworkers (UK)
by Steve Crisp

The Wishstone and the Wonderworkers is the sixth volume in the Chronicles of an Age of Darkness. It is set entirely on the island of Untunchilamon.

Despite many scenes of action, numerous warriors and demonic invasion, the novel only features a single, non-violent death (if I recall correctly).

Artemis Ingalawa
Chegory Guy
Jon Qasaba
Justina Thrug
Olivia Qasaba

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Shabble. In appearance, a miniature sun, though coloration tends to be changeable and idiosyncratic. In voice eccentric, speaking at will in any of the accents heard ever on Untunchilamon, even those unplaceable foreign accents otherwise voiced only by the conjuror Odolo. In behaviour feckless, for Shabble has scant regard for consequences. That is Shabble. While Shabble is still hanging there in the air, a massive energy drain affects all of Injiltaprajura. Lights darken. Fires go out. Candles die. Then, to Shabble's horror, Shabble feels Something trying to seize Shabble's own energy. Shabble squeals in fright and flees down the nearest drainpipe. The drainpipe (naturally) leads Downstairs. Downstairs! There is horror down there, and Shabble fears it greatly. Yet the alternative is death. What has caused this massive energy drain? It is left to Chegory Guy, an Ebrell Islander, to find out. This is unfortunate as his chief skills are as a knifefighter and a rock- gardener. And yet it is he who finally holds the future of the entire, equatorial island of Untunchilamon in his hands.

Inside Cover

As it was no god, devil or demon, the Hermit Crab lacked the skill to create organic form and process ex nihilo, and instead adapted what it found to hand. The first living organism it encountered was a crab of the type which is known to the Hindriz-Prodorgotz system of taxonomy as Thorbakrodomon Rantharchardaliz. Therefore the Hermit Crab adapted the biology of this animal for its own purposes, and dwelt thus thereafter on the shores of Jod. Thousands of years passed. During those millennia, the Hermit Crab slowly changed and adapted the form it had learnt. In nature, Thorbakrodomon Rantharchardaliz grows to no great size. A typical specimen will have a carapace which is scarcely a finger-length across at maturity. However, the Hermit Crab found it inconvenient to remain at this size, since it was often attacked by seagulls. These it obliterated, thanks to those powers to modulate probability which it still retained from its earlier mode of existence. However, seagulls remained a danger, since even the Hermit Crab had to (and has to) sleep sometimes. Hence the Hermit Crab increased in size until the depredations of seagulls were no longer a danger. However, increased size brought it to the attention of humans, who proved even more of a nuisance than the seagulls had been. Many tragedies ensued …


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