The Werewolf And The Wormlord


Paperback Cover for
The Werewolf And The Wormlord (UK)
by Steve Crisp
Original Artwork for
The Werewolf And The Wormlord (UK)
by Steve Crisp

Back Cover

"You travelled by night." Alfric kept his face blank. This was no time to show impatience. But Alfric liked to do business in an efficient manner; and not for nothing was the king known as He Who Talks In Circles. "Night is a strange time to travel," continued King Dimple- Dumpling. "Particularly when night is Her chosen time." "My duty bids me to rule the knight," said Alfric. "I cannot permit Her forays to keep me from the dark. I am a Yudonic Knight." "Who fears nothing," said the king. When one hears dry irony from the lips of an ogre, it is hard to credit one's ears. But Alfric, who knew ogres better than most of his kind, did not underestimate them. On occasion, Alfric Danbrog, a banker by profession, found it hard to live up to his Yudonic heritage. Yet he was called upon to face not only ogres, dragons, assassins and She Who Walks by Night but - worst of all - more senior bankers.

Inside Cover

Alfric turned. The man who had stalked unheard to well within killing distance was Nappy, a huffy-puffy indi- vidual of slightly less than average height. Nappy was pink of face and bald of pate and could often be seen hustling about Galsh Ebrek looking slightly comical thanks to his pigeon-toed gait. He was renowned for his sweet temper, for the jolly delight he took in all innocent pleasures, and for his work as a committee man. Nappy was famous in charity circles, and was known to be happiest at festivals when he could transmogrify himself into Mister Cornucopia, and dispense sweets for the children and kisses for the blushing virgins. 'I'm so glad to see you, Mister Danbrog,' said Nappy, extending his hand. Alfric took it and pumped it. Nappy's hand was soft and damp. A clinging, friendly hand. 'We haven't seen you here for ever so long,' said Nappy. 'I'm so, so very glad to see you.' The sincerity of these effusions could not be doubted. That was Nappy all over. He was acknowledged as the happiest, friendliest person in Wen Endex. Which made no difference to the facts of the matter. Nappy was what he was and he did what he did, and there was no getting round that. 'Sorry I can't stay to chat,' said Nappy, shifting on his feet in that fluidly furtive manner which was his trademark, 'but I must be going now.' And already Nappy was sliding, sidestepping, nim- bling past Alfric's defenses. Alfric thought him shifting right, but he was gone to the left, sliding past and- And- And? Alfric wanted to scream. Nappy was behind him. And all Alfric could think was this: 'Just let it be quick, that's all. Just let it be quick.'

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