The Wazir And The Witch


Paperback Cover for
The Wazir And The Witch(UK)
by Steve Crisp

Back Cover

The Hermit Crab, a being with powers at least equal to those of any wizard or sorcerer, dwelt on a small island in the harbour of Untunchilamon's capital city. The Crab took exception to the violent political disputes which had disturbed the peace of its domicile; to restore peace, the Crab commanded Justina and Varazchavardan to declare a truce and resolve their differences. This they did. Had they disobeyed, they would have been turned inside out by a wrathful Crab, therefore the matter of their compliance is scarcely a mystery. This is the true history of the final days of the rule of Justina Thrug upon the island of Untunchilamon, and it is the only such history which is worth the price of the fooskin upon which it is written. And remember: your historian was there.

Inside Cover

'Why should I help you?' said the Crab. 'Out of mercy,' said Justina. And Shabble said, brightly: 'I've found a cockroach.' Nobody took any notice. 'I will be eternally grateful for any help you give me,' said the Empress Justina, still speaking to the Crab. 'You will not live for eternity,' said the Crab. 'You will be lucky if you live another forty years. Your rhetoric is empty.' 'Forty years is hardly emptiness,' said Justina. 'It's a big cockroach,' said Shabble. Still poor Shabble was ignored. Shabble tried again. 'He's-' 'Quiet!' said Chegory Guy, addressing himself to Shabble. 'Chegory has given you a very wise command,' said the Crab, pretending it thought the Ebrell Islander had been addressing the Empress Justina. Chegory blushed profusely.

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