Death Stone

Death Stone Death-stones are egg-shaped stones with powerful magical abilities- they convert the surrounding ~1 league (~ 1 mile) of land/material into living rock. It is activated by saying the Words inscribed on the side in High Speech and the effect emanates from the source at a speed that's slightly faster than running (~15-25 mph). The user is protected in a small bubble of unaffected area in the center. The results of death-stones are extremely devastating.

Death-stones basically implode if the Ultimate Injunction, Segenarith, is said while they are activating. The resulting ball of heat melts all rock and otherwise nearby, causing lava flows and annihilating nearly everything it touches. Miphon uses the Ultimate Injunction to implode both Garash's death-stone, accidentally destroying the Castle of Controlling Power and Valarkin's death-stone, killing Valarkin and several people around him.

Death-stones seem to channel the world of Lemarl, the world that existed before Amarl. In the world of Lemarl rocks were free, sentient creatures but in the world of Amarl they are mostly in a dead state. The death-stone animates rocks, so naturally it can be assumed there's a connection between death-stones and the previous world of Lemarl (Mod note: This may be confirmed in future novels, bear with me! -jontech7)

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