Blue Ant

Blue Ant presumably, the blue ants look like blue ants.

And, as a bevy of blue ants advanced on them, they did indeed run. They sprinted, in fact. Sarazin was fast enough — but Glambrax was not. One of the ants gained on him, seized him.
“Sarazin!” he squealed.

- Book 5, The Wicked and the Witless, Ch54 p372

There was no stopping it.
They would march north. All of them. Stalkers, keflos, Engulfers, Wings, tunnellers, green centipedes, the Neversh, the blue ants and the others. Hellcreatures from the worlds of
nightmare, smashing their way through human civilizations, hunting, catching, killing, eating.

- Book 1, The Wizards and the Warriors, Ch57 p490

A quick-limbed blue ant the size of a calf slipped past the tunneller and advanced on Sarazin, fighting mandibles clicking — “snick snick snick!” — like castrating scissors from an Oedipal nightmare.
Then the top came — sclop! — out of the bottle. And up roared the dragons, billowing into the air with a rush of fumes and fury, filling the air with the smells of cinnamon and low-grade sulphur. Their wing-clap fury filled the sky. The creatures of the Swarms shrank back, retreating from the dragons.

- Book 5, The Wicked and the Witless, Ch54 p370

Phyphor had nightmares about the Swarms. He dreamt of twisted shapes against the sky, twisted screams in the noon-day sun in the days when the Neversh flew. He dreamt of the Stalkers and the lowly scuttling keflos, of the double-hulled Engulfers, the green centipedes, the Wings, the tunnellers, the blue ants, and all the others — the fearless myrmidons of the Skull of the Deep South.
Miphon pillowed his head on a stone, ignoring, as he settled to his dreams, its distant grinding curses; the stone still remembered the pain when men, for their building, had split it to its present size.

- Book 1, The Wizards and the Warriors, Ch1 p18

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