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The first book in the Chronicles of an Age of Darkness.

The Chronicles of an Age of Darkness

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This vividly-imagined world was created by cult author Hugh Cook in a series of fantastic novels and stories.

These works contain epic adventures, set in the 44th century since the Alliance between wizards and warriors.

The major event of this period is the fall of Drangsturm, a colossal pit of fire that bisects the continent of Argan and keeps the creatures of the Swarms from crossing over into human lands.

The world of the Age of Darkness is no Potemkin Village, depicting a romanticized feudal society. Instead they're often described as gritty, unsentimental, cynical, or squalid.

Cook's writing style, a combination of magic, action, grotesquery and literary extravagance, could be described as New Wave Sword and Sorcery.

If you're discovering Hugh Cook for the first time, then you might want to examine The Canon first. This is a list of the books and stories that make up the Chronicles of an Age of Darkness.

SPOILER ALERT!: because the last novel was published in 1992, it's assumed that everyone has read the Chronicles and won't be surprised by facts gleaned from the novels.

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