Star Globes And Doors

Hrothgar steals the starglobe from the Door of the Safrak Bank in winter 4307.

Guest Gulkan is transported to the Morgrim Bank of Chi'ash-lan and steals the globe.

Thayer Levant buries the starglobe in front of the plinth of the Penvash Door.

Drake Douay discovers the buried star globe and accidentally activates the Penvash Circle.

After traversing the circle, Drake and his pirate companions lose the star globe in the river in Penvash.

The star globe is rediscovered in the river by Yen Olass Ampadara, who later trades it to Gezeldux of the Lesser Teeth.

Guest Gulkan discovers this, and raids the Lesser Teeth to recover the globe.

There also seems to be a starglobe in the possession of the Wordsmiths of Sung [II p. ], as well as in the treasury of Injiltaprajura [VI p. 109].

A star globe must be used to activate the Circle containing the Chenameg Door, although whether this is a fourth globe, or the globe from Injiltaprajura is a matter for conjecture.

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