Roleplaying the Chronicles

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. — Arthur C. Clarke

'I did not hear a rock speak,' said Togura, in a level, even voice. 'I am tired. I am over-stressed. I am starting to hallucinate. This is not unusual for an isolated solo traveller.'
The rock took a step toward him [II p. 177]

The world of Olo Malan is a particularly fertile source of settings for adventure. Some that are of particular interest to roleplayers are:

  • The forest wilds of Penvash's Old City
  • The labyrinths located Downstairs in Untunchilamon
  • The wrecked bottles of Sung
  • The Deep South
  • Selzirk
  • The Dry Pit
  • Kalatanastral
  • Stronghold Handfast
  • The Stench Caves of Logthok Norgos

The Old City, Penvash

The Old City in Penvash is a perennial source of adventure. "Remnants of a military-industrial complex (properly known as Karalagazoko Atalamiti Zenavanarik) built in Penvash during Technic Renaissance which briefly revived some of the High Science which had survived the terrors of the Days of Wrath; wrecked during the Genetic Mutiny, an episode so destructive that accounts of it were few, inaccurate and fragmentary" [IV p. 255].

Downstairs, Untunchilamon

There are at least 433 levels of Downstairs.

The Bottles, Sung

At the end of II, the green and blue bottles are destroyed in Sung, and broken, their contents become life-sized. "This wreckage … is increasingly becoming the focus of questing heroes and other such rabble" [source].

The Deep South

The Southsearchers quest into the Swarm lands.


Selzirk has an interesting criminal underworld.

The Dry Pit


Stronghold Handfast

The Stench Caves of Logthok Norgos

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