Nu-chula-nuth Fanatical religion of the Nexus, was largely dead for a while with a fringe following in Dalar Ken Halvar. However it received new impetus twice by Asodo Hatch firstly in an ethnological thesis he wrote then secondly while lying about it to persuade his emulated second in command of his status as a martyr to prevent a mutiny on his Galactic Mega Command Cruiser in the simulated war game to decide who would be Chief instructor of the Combat College.

Generally fanatical it is militant and preaches amongst other things the superiority of males over females.

From the beginning of Chapter Six of the Worshippers and the Way:

“ Nu-chala-nuth: a fanatic religion which, after an organic
rectifier was introduced into human affairs, sparked the Spasm
Wars (technically known as the Spasm Riots, since no State of
Civil War was ever officially declared by the Nexus Council), and
thus precipitated the death of billions.
The Nu is the great lord, ie God. The Nu-chala is the servant
of the great lord. The nuth are the worshippers of the servant of
the lord - the members of the congregation. Consequently "Nu-
chala-nuth" may be laboriously rendered as "the congregation which
worships the servant of the lord", though a common and far
preferable translation is "the Way of Worship".
Nu-chala-nuth is headquartered on Borboth, holiest of planets
and home of the Nu-chala. Contrary to the common belief of the
ignorant, the language of this planet is not Nu-chala-nuth (for
scholarship acknowledges the existence of no language so named)
but Motsu Kazuka.” Hugh Cook

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