Holy Cockroach

Holy Cockroach, the Cult of. This was setup for a number of reasons, chiefly being the prevention of Ivan Prokov from coercing Shabble into doing things that Shabble really didn’t want to do right at that moment by threatening to send it to a therapist. This was achieved by physical threats to Prokov. Shabble of course was happy to be free of these chores, and while it wasn’t clear if the Holy Cockroach had any power in the world beyond, made up for this by providing temporal power for the religion In the form of Shabbleself’s pyrokinetic powers. Those who were protecting Shabble from Prokov, used this power to negotiate sweeping tax exemptions(since the departure of the Demon Shabble was once again the second most powerful known entity on Untunchilamon).

Currently residing in Port Domax, though due to the passage of years it is unclear if the current Holy Cockroach is the original.

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