Melski Populations in Estar and the Lanmarthen Marshes.

"Old father," said Blackwood. "You of the current-cunning, of the long-song memories, know that not everyone honours the virtue of their spawning."
"Lor-galor," grunted the Melski headman in assent.
"Now these of the dryhard standing by your homebanks take no part in the Cycle; on them lies no restraint against murder. They can be like stormwater, destroying with as little reason. I offer no threat, but the others lack the honour of peace-makers."
"You do well to warn us," said the Melski headman. "You are one who has honour. May your days lie downstream."

-Book 1, The Wizards and the Warriors (Wizard War)

The Melski are a mostly aquatic people that live in and around rivers and other bodies of water and their bodies are adapted for this purpose. They frequently trade with humans and are usually civil, peaceful people, but they will retaliate if provoked. The Melski build rafts to help them trade up and down the rivers they live near.

The Melski are roughly human-size, but their bodies are very different having been adapted for aquatic environments. They have green, wet skin and gills on their neck though they can also breathe on land. Additionally, their hands and feet are webbed to aid in swimming.

Melski have their own language, known simply as Melski.

The Melski have a different biochemistry than humans. Because of this, alcohol is much more addictive for them and also much more toxic. Melski who become addicted to alcohol usually die within 2-3 years. Drunk Melski are a common sight in taverns around rivers, often stumbling around and incoherent. This causes a lot of humans to see the Melski as "light weights" when it comes to drinking.

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