Ling or The Ling are a homogenous racial group of humans who live in a littoral community in the north-west of Aragon’s Deep South centuries around a ‘Plague Sanctuary’. They subsist on the bounty of the sea and trade pearls to the infrequent traders who dare the dangerous voyage.

Despite not enjoying the protection of the flame trench the land is too barren and dry to attract the attention of the Skull and its Swarms. The people of Ling have metallic shiny golden skins and eyes of white with only the pupil showing(the iris is either missing or not visible). While an innocent people who are not too sophisticated the Ling retain access to some incredibly potent medical technology delivered in the form of a tailored symbiotic organism that literally eats its way into its host. despite this grisly introduction the symbiote provides substantial benefits to the person it’s provided to.

In the Ling culture the ultimates erotic symbol is to be naked while holding the tail of a stingray.

"golden skins: not the glossy golden brown of an oiled suntan, but the high-pitched glittering sheen of the noble metal" [IV p. 66]

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