Dorgis are machines that served in the Gulag as enforcers of what passed for law in that long gone empire of incarceration.

There are two extant examples known, one on the island of Untunchilamon and the other residing in the combat college in the city of Dalar Ken Halvar. Neither of them have a good temperament, any imagination and both seem to be designed for stupidity. They have the physical bulk and strength to be very effective versus humans.

The one in the downstairs of Injiltaprajura is armed with with ‘Zulzers’ some form of beam/particle/projectile weapon and ‘probability disruptors’ that would have ‘Conjorted’ everything within ‘fifty Luzaks beyond recognition’… had they not been on the fritz.

"Next question," said Senk.
"How many planets have dorgis?" said Hatch.
"Very few," said Senk. "Dorgis were … dorgis were
"I thought as much," said Hatch.
- Hugh Cook, The Worshippers and the Way, Chapter 27

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