Drake Douay

Name: Dreldragon Drakedon Douay.
Alias: Drake (meaning, in the Ligin of Stokos, 'pumpkin'.
Occupation: swordsmith's apprentice.
Status: criminal on the run.
Description: a nuggety fair-haired beardless lad with hard hands and a blacksmith's muscles; he is shorter than fashion prefers, but not exactly stunted.
Prospects: if he survives to see his eighteenth birthday, he may be allowed to marry King Tor's daughter - which would bring him, in time, to the throne of Stokos.

Drake Douay, full name Dreldragon Drakedon Douay, was born on Stokos.

Merchants of Stokos hired Bucks Cat, Whale Mike and Ish Ulpin to ensure that he failed the challenge set prove his worthiness to marry King Tor's daughter, Hilda.

Drake was born two months before the beginning of the year Khmar 1.


"Fearfully close to being short."


Known pseudonyms include Arabin lol Arabin, Shen Shen Drax, Drake the Doughty, Narda Narkin, Lord Dreldragon and Demon-son Dreldragon.

Criminal History

  • Charged with damaging a potted tree under the protection of King Tor of Stokos.
  • Charged with deflowering a girl of fourteen on his birthday.
  • Sentenced to twenty days hard for involvement in a bar brawl in Androlmarphos.

Personal Life

Betrothed to Hilda Tor.


Failed to complete a swordsmith apprenticeship on Stokos.

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