Zanya Kliedervaust

Zanya Kliedervaust an Ebrell Islander, Zanya is the object of Drake’s lust, obsession and later genuine affection, so is described as statuesque and high breathed with red skin and red hair.

Served as a priestess of the Orgy God before traveling to Stokos with Prince Oronoko in tow, where she started working at a leper colony in the outskirts of Cam. Before they both converted to the Flame and became traveling missionaries. Nearly martyred in the arena of Dalar Ken Halvar before being accidentally encountered and then intentionally rescued by Drake, who she then traveled with as lovers until his lack of attention and consideration caused a relapse of her Goudanism. Simultaneously freeing herself from Muck’s cult then being sold into slavery to Plovey of the Regency, she is finally rescued by Drake in Chenameg before they travel to Ling via Ester, and the teeth(Greater and Lesser) looking for a cure to her blue leprousy.

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