Whale Mike

Whale Mike known as Mike is an Orfus pirate who Crewed on the Walrus. An ogre with some human ancestry and an unspeakable past. Whale Mike does not have a good grasp of languages and speaks in a broken pidgin fairly slowly, so while his crew mates on the Walrus, later the combined Walrus, Warwolf and Tusk crews and finally the Dragon appreciate his size and strength none of them are really understanding just how skilled, intelligent and compassionate the half ogre is. One possible exception is Jon Arabin who is an excellent Judge of character and capabilities and was able to engage with Whale Mike to have some preferential knots tied, this also brings about the possibility that Slagger Mulps the Walrus was also aware of Mike’s compassionate nature, as while the Warwolf was notionally his enemy the Walrus had quite a tender heart and only joined the pirates after he was freed from slavery.

Mike becomes firm friends with Drake after a couple of poor starts, and Mike is one of the Characters most responsible for the Pirates survival.

Examples of his understanding and compassion that a titanium axle was not steel(Drake who had been a blacksmiths apprentice but never made a sword though it was steel), his ability to get the pirates to dig for fodens in Penvash by showing them a hedgehog(he released the hedgehog even though the pirates killed and ate the fodens) and the fact that he was able to court, woo, marry and have Children with Darlinda who had been the Wife of the sadistic Plovey of the Harvest Plains regency all speak to his quiet genius and good nature.

Hobbies include scrimshaw [IV p. 142].

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