Valarkin a priest of Estar, brother of Durnwold. "A young man with face and nose both narrow; mouth small and teeth sharp; hair and eyes both ratskin brown" [I p. 58].

Valarkin knew that once these fighting men got their enthusiasm worked up, they could go on chanting and singing all night, for there was no shortage of battle songs and war epics.
– But it is all absurd, their mindless bull-roaring stupidity. Sweat curses sinew, bone butchers brawn, chopping away till a single hero stands gloating over pools of blood and piles of lopped-off testicles. What's the sense of it? They think they're powerful, but they're not: they're just mindless meat that labours with a sword instead of a spade. Power lies with those who command, not those who spend their lives strengthening their sword-arms.

-Book 1, The Wizards and the Warriors (Wizard War)

Valarkin was an acolyte for the temple of the Demon of Estar until the temple was destroyed by Zenphos. He then moved back to the sheep farm where he was born and raised, Little Hunger Farm.

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