Thayer Levant

Thayer Levant of Chi'ash-lan, later in the service of Plandruk Qinplaqus. "Had the face of a rat and the eyes of a vulture. He wore a rag-tatter patchwork cloak which was weighted with lead so it could be used in a knife-fight; and the cloak was grimy; and his face was grimy likewise; and the eyes set in that face were bloodshot; and the teeth of that face were broken and brown; and his hair was brown likewise, and was thin, revealing the fungus which grew in green patches on his scalp" [X p. 320-1]. Stranded in Galsh Ebrek in Winter 4307. Adventured to Untunchilamon in search of the wishstone. Travelled from Untunchilamon to Dalar ken Halvar. Died in Penvash after being savaged by a giant scorpion.

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