Morgan Gestrel Hearst

Morgan Gestrel Hearst a Rovac warrior. Son of Avor the Hawk. Went to the wars in 4305. Veteran of the wars of the Cold West. Chevalier of the Iron Order of the City of Chi'ash-lan. Later served Prince Comedo of Estar. After the main Rovac force abandoned the Lesser Teeth, "Hearst remained the leader of a hundred warriors who had chosen to stay in Brennan. With these fighting men and five ships at his disposal, he was rapidly becoming a rich man, daring his vessels past the Orfus pirates to trade for steel in the island of Stokos. He was now building a warehouse, and a big residence for himself made from imported cedar" [III p. 341]. Married Valicia Resbit (mother of Elkordansk), father of Nesh Enelorf and Aardun. Killed at the Lesser Teeth peace conference of 4367. (4291-4367)

Hearst is a veteran Rovac Warrior, a hero of the wars of the Cold West and Chevalier of the Iron Order of the city of Chi'ash-lan. He later became the blood-sworn defender of Prince Comedo.

Morgan Hearst is a lean, clean-shaven man of average height with grey hair and eyes, who lost his right hand during the expedition to slay the wizard Heenmor, and subsequently wore a hook.

Hearst went off to war at the age of 14, serving in both the lands north and south of Rovac before spending 10 years in the Cold West under the command of Elkor Alish He then followed Alish to Estar

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