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Miphon a wizard of the order of Nin. Worked as a consultant for the Temple of Hagon on Stokos c. 4324, giving advice on sexual hygiene, Worked as a healer on Burntos in Spring 4325. Sent to recapture the death stone from the renegade wizard Heenmor, arrived in Estar in Spring 4326. Travelled to Drangsturm Gulf with pirates in search of the paratopic snake, losing the red bottle. Later in exile in Sung for some reason [III p. 375]

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A young minor wizard of the order of Nin, with limited powers to hear and control the minds of wild things. He lives as a traveling healer with no permanent home.

Miphon is a slender man of youthful appearance with green eyes and a ready smile. He's usually dressed in woolen underclothes, water-proof leather outers, well-greased boots and a broad-brimmed feathered hat.

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