Klen Klo

Klen Klo is a Koragatu philosopher involved in a 500 year debate concerning the role of the individual in history in Chi’Ash-lan(speculation external to the chronicle, it is assumed that the different sides are conducting something of a relay as given predilection to alcohol and violence a Korugatu philosopher is likely only in prime de a bing condition for 20-30 years). Klen Klo is also a notorious thief and drunkard, and used violence against his colleague Shomo Shamo Shah who tried to bring the weather into the scope of history after Klen Klo had confidently asserted it that the weather was the one thing that wasn’t history. In the text it seems Klen Klo claimed this without evidence, however Shomo Shamo Shah chose not to reason on the require that for proof but rather to imply Klen Klo was himself insignificant by assertion. [ll, ch37 pg. 263]



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