Hostaja Torsen Sken-Pitilkin

Hostaja Torsen Sken-Pitilkin a wizard of the order Skatzabratzumon. Born in Wen Endex. Emperor of the Empire of Wizards before being deposed. Founder of the Alliance to defeat the Swarms (before being deposed). "Sken-Pitilkin knows more of losing wars than winning them" [X p. 182]. "It is true that in the long-gone days of yore Sken-Pitilkin had lost more wars than he had won, but he had since refined his skills by dint of brooding over his errors" [X p. 201]. Opposed the Confederation's financially-motivated attack on the Sisterhood of Witches and was declared renegade. Resident of Drum in the Penvash Channel. Forced to flee from Drum after the Confederation sent forces after the refugees he was harbouring. Tutor to Guest Gulkan from 4295, he is also notable for rediscovering flight by generation of energy for this purpose by harnessing the tendency of the universe Olo Malan exists in to destroy anomalies to generate power for his flying stick-nest, excess energy is bled off by rotation with amusing results in the first version. . (????-????)

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