Heenmor a wizard of the order of Arl. Looted a death-stone from the Dry Pit. Sheltered in Castle Vaunting through winter 4326 before fleeing the approach of Phyphor's party.

A Master Wizard of the order of Arl, now wanted dead by the Confederation of Wizards after stealing a powerful artifact from the Dry Pit. Heenmor travels with a magical copper-strike snake that is known to be highly lethal, able to kill in one bite.

Heenmor is a massive, troll-shouldered giant, twice the height of any ordinary mortal. He has black eyes, a blue beard and ginger hair. He usually wears robes of khaki with white leather boots.

Heenmor's most notable exploit was heading an expedition to loot a powerful magic artifact from the Dry Pit, in the Forbidden Zone. His companions either died during the the attempt or were murdered afterwards by Heenmor.

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