Durnwold peasant of Estar, soldier in the service of Prince Comedo, brother of Valarkin, protege of Morgan Hearst. (????-4326)

"We ride to war soon," said Durnwold. "You've trained me. I was born a peasant, but, given free choice, I'd rather be your battle-companion. Tell me, am I good enough?"
Hearst did not answer for a while. Then he spoke, out of the darkness: "You have the makings of a warrior. All you need now is the battles to harden you. And I could wish no better companion than you to ride with me. But I've heard so much of your talk of the sheep, the farm, the peat, your brother Valarkin, your sisters spinning wool - I thought yours was a peasant's heart forever."

-Book 1, The Wizards and the Warriors (Wizard War)

Durnwold is a strong, swarthy young man who looks rather stupid but actually has all his wits about him.

Since leaving his father's house, Durnwold has served Prince Comedo. Has trained with the sword under the tutelage of Morgan Hearst, warrior of Rovac.

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