Dreldragon Drakedon Douay

Dreldragon Drakedon Douay, known as Drake Douay, an Orfus pirate. Brother of Heth Douay, nephew of Oleg Douay. Apprentice swordsmith. Stole and sold Gouda Muck's mastersword. Crewed with the Warwolf. Implanted with paratopic in Ling. Distinguishing feature tattoo of snake on penis. Named heir to the Kingdom of Stokos by King Tor [IV p. 135]. Captured on Burntos in Spring 4325, sent north to Narba and imprisoned, ransomed by Abousir Belench. "Cockroach" coloured skin [IV p. 287]. Emperor of the Empire of the Sealords. (4307-4503+)

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