Bluewater Draven

Bluewater Draven an Orfus pirate born in Dalar ken Halvar [IV p. 210]. Traveled with the Walrus and Warwolf to Orlando to seek counsel with Menator's brother Ohio, but lost his ship (the Tusk) when it was wrecked near D’Waith, before convincing Togura Poulaan he was a merchant of the Harvest Plains who the Pirates had taken captive but allowed to keep his weapons due to his high levels of probity. Helped Log Jaris repel bandits in his bar before continuing the journey on the Warwolf. Shipwrecked again he was then made the slave of Yen Olass Ampadara in Autumn of 4326, then travels to Estar with the invasion force that year. Had six brothers, one possibly King Lyra of Chenameg - "One drowned when diving for gaplax. One fell off a cliff. One died of the plague in the year of two comets. One's a slave in Chi'ash-lan - if he's still alive at all. One's the king of Chenameg, or used to be. One went trading east of Ashmolea - for all I know, he's in Yestron" [II p. 290].

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