Binchinminfin a demon that crossed into the world of events from the world beyond.possessing first Odolo who thought he was going mad. Varazchavardan was then possessed after triumphing in a sorcerous battle of transformations and transferred to Chegory Guy after he tricked into a drinking contest. It then possessed Justina, and after Pelagius Zozimus attempted to exorcise it settled on group possession.

It then selected Olivia Qasaba to negotiate with the Hermit Crab. However the crab wanted to expel the demon and she was was going to be ‘cooked’ by the Hermit Crab, partly to preserve his peace and quiet and partly to defend causality. However with the assistance of Shabble Chegory Guy was able to rescue Olivia by being repossessed, and find a person close to death who was willing to take the demon home with them on their last journey.

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