Aquitaine Varazchavardan

Aquitaine Varazchavardan Master of Law of Untunchilamon is a member of the Wonderworkers and is “of the Skin”, however has the misfortune to be an albino so does not poses a grey skin, but one that is white and has red eyes. He has a fondness for silk robes adorned with prints of beautiful dragons. A powerful source red he defeats a demon possessed Odolo in battle of transformations, though is possessed by the same demon he triumphs againstHe unwisely tries to match his power against Codlugarthia who maims him. He survives this as after the events of the Wazir and the Witch is able to speak to the Originator and shares his knowledge of events during Justina’s reign and its end.

Justina has an Albino Ape she named “Vazzy” to annoy him?

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