Abousir Belench

Abousir Belench was an Orfus pirate of some note, a captain of a ship called the Jade. When we first hear of him he liberated Slagger Mulps(AKA the Walrus) from slavery on a galley. Post the disastrous diplomatic mission from Menator to visit his brother Ohio both Mulps and Jon Arabin (AKA the Warwolf) crewed for him. He was a part owner of the Dragon(along with Arabin, Draven and Mulps) when it went on its last voyage to Ling for pearls and procure ‘magic snakes’ for Mulps and Zanya Kliedervaust.

Abousir Belench was a moody, brooding man given to outbreaks of appalling anger. He was, moreover, a puritan of sorts. He liked men who worked hard, ate little and drank nothing.

- Book 4, The Walrus and the Warwolf, Ch19 p276

They were dragged into the daylight and brought before a dour man who wore red rope-soled shoes, red robes and a red turban. He was as black as Jon Arabin. Unless Drake was much mistaken, this was Abousir Belench, whom he had seen on occasion on the Greaters.

- Book 4, The Walrus and the Warwolf, Ch19 p275

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