Zuzu Magore

A skyship that crashes into the ocean near the spliars at Eastbeach.

That was what it looked like at first blush, from a distance, though closer inspection showed that it looked more like three quoits sitting on top of each other.
The ship was the Zuzu Magore. It had a crew of seventy-nine, and carried a goodwill cargo of food-gifts and medical supplies. If it succeeded in touching down as scheduled in the sheltered waters of Ezakinfin, then the metapsychic faultline would have been defeated by technology, and a new age would have begun.
In such a new age, ships of sail would be a thing of the past, at least if Heineman's vision of progress was to be believed. The skyships which plied the skies above the Gulf of Heaven and the Chasms of Hell would run routinely to the islands of Chalakanesia, previously interdicted by the metapsychic faultline, perverter of probabilities, destroyer of machines, manipulator of dreams. [EoH Ch1]

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