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Heineman found Ambassador Teladex working in the vicinity of his desk. His head, connected to no apparent body, hung above the desk, and his hands were scribing over papers. There was nothing but empty air between the hands and the head.
As Heineman knew full well, Teladex's body was elsewhere in La Lantis, safe in the vodo projector, that device vulgarly known in Chalakanesia as the vug machine. Teladex's head and hands were simply projections generated by that vug machine.
In former days, Teladex had always gone about Chalakanesia in his own flesh, but now he made a point of doing all his daily business as a vug. He was trying to make a political point. He was trying to prove that the use of the vug machine was perfectly safe, even though that machine was powered by an omagulous toad, a device of the kind which had devastated Chalakanesia in the course of some unwise experiments some three years earlier. [NoP Ch2]

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