Artificial Armorstone

Jol Medlis, a citadel made of the artificial armorstone known as sablax, was a reminder of the wars in which Heaven had fought with Hell. [EoH Ch1]

This was the Engramicus Mulch, the House of X, and, like the House Gorkindachina, it had been made of sablax, artificial armorstone cannibalized from ruined military fortifications. [NoP Ch14]

With that, Grindle-Joyce started dragging Heineman toward the House Gorkindachina. A good idea! This solid, stolid mansion was made from sablax, the same armorstone as the war-worthy Jol Medlis. That, combined with House Gorkindachina's low structural profile, should make it one of the most stormproof of all the buildings in Lexis. [EoH Ch17] OOL,WoH,EoH,NoP

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