Eloquent Smirkus

Eloquent Smirkus is a chartered sloop. It sank in the blast. Was the transport for the Ema-Ema-Enji Holographic Geohistorical Research Team, a media crew.

Heineman could appreciate that, since they were indeed going head-to-head with La Lantis. Ambassador Teladex had every reason to be furious, since the media crew from Sakura Amir had been arrested on Heineman's orders, and a dozen coastguards were busy doing a dust-and-splinters search of the Eloquent Smirkus, the chartered sloop which had brought the Ema-Ema-Enji Holographic Geohistorical Research Team to Islam Demaxus.
'What exactly is this analysis you're doing?' said Heineman. [NoP Ch10]

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