A religious candle.

His mother passed him just such an incensed candle. Moving with great care, working laboriously to overcome the effects of more beers than he was used to, Heineman took the nostraluminum, using a hand to shelter its flame against any stray caprice of the night air.
'I dedicate this candle,' said Heineman. [EoH Ch4]

So Heineman padded barefoot to the Presidential Toilet, which was set in a room as big as one of those small Chalakanesian shops which are devoted to the sale of nostraluminums. An actual nostraluminum, a devotional candle, was burning in that gloomy chamber. By the light of that candle, Heineman first checked that there was toilet paper, and found that there were two and a half rolls. [NoP Ch1]

The night was cool, dark, and quiet, but for a single enunciating rooster and the hiss of the surfing sea. In the unobserved privacy of the night, Heineman lit a nostraluminum, set it on the stone rim of the Family mirarilusistan, and settled himself in meditation. He practiced the Meditation of Turning Outwards, easiest of the Three Meditations. Instead of trying to banish thought (the first and hardest of the Meditations) or to focus thought on a single point (the Meditation of the Burning Lens), in the Third Meditation one attends to the outer world. [EoH Ch10]

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