Garden Of The Flesh

Religious sex cult founded by Ziljanthrop in his youth.

The Gardeners are the priests of Chalakanesia, the functionaries who supervise the maintenance of the mirarilusistans, the Gardens of the Dead which are the focus of Chalakanesia's institutionalized ancestor-worship. The main Gardens of the Dead are on the island of Zachalacharo, but smaller mirarilusistans are to be found throughout Chalakanesia, as every household maintains its own garden-in-miniature.
'Your grandfather,' said Yulius, still in his cancerpronouncing mode of absolute heaviness, 'was not a Gardener. He preached his own religion. He preached of the Garden of the Flesh. Need I spell out the rest?'
Atlanta tried to work out what he was getting at. [WoH Ch2]

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