Enlightened One

Another name for Guru Lox

Since Lox had apparently preferred his encounter with a dead temple to his meeting with two of the world's greatest spiritual masters, Heineman considered himself justified in suspecting that Lox had not been recognized abroad as a great spiritual master in his own right, and was disappointed at not having been acclaimed as Lox the Enlightened One.
Though Heineman liked to think of himself as a cynic, and though he had never had anything but contempt for the whole business of the Cult of Orgy, he was nevertheless disappointed to find Lox so thoroughly human. For, while he disliked the Cult, Heineman had nevertheless always thought that Lox believed in himself. That had always left open the possibility that Lox might truly be a perfect master, one who had succeeded in liberating himself from ordinary human limitations. [NoP Ch10]

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