Patriarch of the Family Jubiladilia.

Grandfather of Atlanta, Heineman and Panjalo.

Started a sex cult but was convicted of child sex abuse by the senate, who gave his senate seat to his son Kansko Chansko (who in-turn loses the senate seat for the family).

Zinjanthrop then goes into exile on Zachalacharo for 20 years.

He returns to Lexis and begins trying to get the senate seat back for the family, events documented in the book West of Heaven.

During Heineman's election compaign the sex scandal re-emerges, and he goes back into exile. Documented in the book East of Hell.

It was important to her that he confess himself wrong. For how could he think himself right? If Zinjanthrop could genuinely think that his actions had been rightful, or reasonable, or anything less than evil, then Atlanta was living in a world which was utterly alien to all her expectations.
'You're spouting propaganda,' said Zinjanthrop. 'In any case, if punishment was due then I was punished. I gave up my senate seat, passed it on to my son, and the fool lost it. Yes, he was a fool, for all that he was your father. Then, Zachalacharo. Twenty years. Gardening. Penance enough, I think. Anyway. Do you want to represent me, or don't you? I can always find another lawyer. If you really want to desert your Family.'
Atlanta sat back. She had no words. He did not repent. He sounded as if he would do exactly the same again, if he thought he could get away with it. Her sense of estrangement increased. The world truly had become an alien place. The familiar city of Lexis had transformed itself into a theater of the bizarre. She hardly recognized her own room any longer. She scarcely recognized her own fingertips. And as for this leathery thing sitting in front of her! As for this - this copulating insect! It was alien beyond all possibility of comprehension. [WoH Ch7]

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