Yulius Epoktatima

Fiance of Atlanta, leaves her for Soba. Dies while testing a Family Jubiladilia diving skin.

Of Yulius Epoktatima, let us rather merely remark that his wealth was scant, his status lowly and his political power all but nugatory. Still, the Family Epoktatima was affluent, and the fulfillments of time looked certain to provide Yulius with a sound and satisfying career in the warehouse business.
It might also be said (for it is true) that Yulius was suitably dark and suitably tall, though not as tall as Atlanta herself. And he was young, yes, as young as Atlanta (though he sometimes looked older, for his lip tended to a frown, and his brow often sported wrinkles of worry, as if pretending to an extra thirty years of life). He usually kept his mouth tight shut, for he was overly conscious of the state of his teeth, a set of eroded lugs of carious brown. Atlanta, whose own teeth were of an exceedingly great sharpness, and pearl-white into the bargain, had to admit that those bluntly rounded brown knobs dismayed her exceedingly. Still, nobody's perfect. [WoH Ch1]

'In theory,' said Atlanta, 'Yulius Epoktatima is going to marry Atlanta. So, if Gorkindachina wanted to attack the Family Jubiladilia, he could try to break up Atlanta's marriage with Yulius.'
But this wasn't making sense. Suppose Yulius decided to break off his engagement to Atlanta in consequence of her grandfather's scandalous past? How would that materially hurt, weaken or traumatize the Family Jubiladilia? It wouldn't! Her mother, in particular, would be very pleased with the news. So would Zinjanthrop, who made no secret of the fact that he thought Atlanta could do better than Yulius. [WoH Ch5]

If the door creaked when it opened, then the sound was lost in the generalized timber-flex. But it opened of a certainty, admitting Yulius Epoktatima, Atlanta's boyfriend, tall and dark, and meticulously attired into the bargain. (Shorter than Atlanta, yes - pedantry must be served! - but tall enough to suit her tastes, for she had no yearning for the looming of a hulking dominator, and preferred a man she could swat at need).
'Zinjanthrop!' said Yulius, in startlement. [WoH Ch2]

Then she took Soba's Contract of Destiny and scanned it rapidly. It was, in effect, an agreement in which Glan Gleneth Soba Lubamacasta consented to be the bound concubine of Yulius Epoktatima, her concubinage to be governed by certain terms and conditions, and to be accompanied by certain rewards.
The language of the document was plain enough, and Atlanta, though initially astonished, soon realized why Soba had signed it. If it was assumed that Soba had no intrinsic objection to bedding with young Yulius, then it could be said that she had done rather well for herself, and had exposed herself to very little risk. The contract specified, for example, that Soba would automatically be entitled to her freedom if Yulius Epoktatima should beat her, or sodomise her, or match her with a pig, or violate her with vegetables, or commit any of the five thousand acts so lovingly enumerated in that magisterial tome by Maki Desadi, the Book of Brutality, that catalogue generally known to the civilized world as the 'General Almanac of the Acts of Atrocity'. [WoH Ch12]

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