Wolfganga Zenseneth Belch

Ex president from Jaz Diva but moves to Lexis to plot his take-over of Chalakanesia. His attempted coup fails.

Gorkindachina waited. Finally, a grey-bearded silverskin exited from the rector's office, a dignified old gentleman who walked with the aid of a black umbrella. Gorkindachina recognized this dignitary as Wolfganga Zenseneth Belch, who had been elected president of Chalakanesia in Belta 2351. That was ancient history: but ex-president Belch was still something of a power in the Federation, thanks to the network of influence which had survived the end of his term in office.
'Gorkindachina,' said Belch. [NoP Ch14]

First, Wolfganga Zenseneth Belch gets elected president of the Federation of Chalakanesia. During his seven-year term in office, he sees that Chalakanesia will ultimately be pressured by the Great Powers into adopting a democratic form of government. Guessing that this will be unpopular with the senates of the Seven Pearls, he sees a way to grab dictatorial power.
So thinking, Wolfganga plans ahead. [NoP Ch15]

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