Tan Spanda Del Sholomok Nodo

Nodo is Heineman's media advisor. Married to Heineman's illegitimate half sister Quarleen.

'Oh, yes! Him! No, he didn't show, but he left a message for you. Your most faithful servant, Tan Spanda Del Sholomok Nodo, him, he's got the religious urge. He's gone on a pilgrimage to Zachalacharo, won't be back for months.'
'You're joking!' said Heineman. [EoH Ch15]

As the briefing continued, Heineman's attention began to slip, and he started speculating about Nodo's proposal that Atlanta should be made a judge. It would certainly limit her scope for mischief. She had definitely miscalculated - or acted with malice - when suggesting that Heineman awaken the question of Nodo's marriage. Tan Spanda Del Sholomok Nodo had married Quarleen the Younger, who was Heineman's half-sister, the illegitimate daughter his father Kansko Chansko had sired on the singing girl now known as Quarleen the Older.
That made Nodo - what? Heineman's brother-in-law? Was the husband of an illegitimate half-sister a brother-in-law? [NoP Ch3]

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