Soydam Skivins

Lunatic who burnt the miralusistan

'Despite the additional presence of the ghost, however,' said Atlanta, 'you agree that the Soydam Skivins you saw at the Sheldonian was the real Soydam Skivins?'
There was a pause, as Kilgarich thought about it. Atlanta was not worried. If necessary, she could demonstrate in court the all-important chain-of-custody which proved that the Soydam Skivins who had been arrested at the Sheldonian was the real Skivins, and not some spurious brief-lived doppelganger generated by the metapsychic faultline. However, she did not think a proving out of the chain-of-custody would be necessary.
'Skivins was Skivins,' said Kilgarich, albeit with reluctance. 'I don't deny it.' [NoP Ch7]

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