Snow Vermacode Bactria

See Professor Bactria

In her distress, she remembered a lecture given by that plodding teacher of hers, Professor Bactria. Having no great faith in his own pedagogical abilities, Snow Vermacode Bactria had relied a great deal on repetition, and had required a good deal of rote memorization from his students. Atlanta had one of his more important philosophical lectures more or less by heart. She could certainly remember the core of that lecture:-
'When we have no faith, we still have the machinery of the law. It is a logical machinery which draws for its design upon the massed experience of thousands of years of human interaction. It is not an instrument of utopian attainments, therefore its operation often excites the contempt of those who yearn for perfection and the impatience of those who yearn for sudden resolutions. But, the more you learn of human nature, the more you will come to understand why this creaking, cumbersome machine is configured as it is, and how solidly it turns to its task. When all other faith fails you, trust to this machinery. I am not fool enough to think that the dull machinery of the law is a right and proper substitute for the operation of wisdom, but the truth is that we are creatures of precious little wisdom, and must work with what we have.' [WoH Ch7]

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