A lawyer

'Yes,' said Slugbest. 'My good friend Scumlog's got right to the heart of the matter, as usual. A judge can be impeached, just like a president. If you think you can prove incompetence, or corruption, then you can impeach the bitch. The senate decides. How many friends has this Atlanta got in the senate? Three? Two? None?'
Gorkindachina was heartened. Scumlog and Slugbest were just the men he needed: ruthless, bruising fighters who would wage war for him all the way. If they couldn't win in the Court of Justice, then they could win in the senate. Not by appealing the decision, but by impeaching the judge. Furthermore, surely you could wreck Heineman by wrecking his sister. First prove that the bitch was incompetent, biased, corrupt, whatever. Then impeach her. Get the senate to remove her. Bring President Heineman into disgrace through the impeachment procedures. [NoP Ch16]

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