Senators of Islam Demaxus

Senators of Islam Demaxus

Senator Scarab
Senator Epoktatima
Senator Sten
Senator Pulse
Senator Chalk
Senator Stern
Senator Umbrallaria
Senator Tulip
Senator Flogo

Former Senators of Islam Demaxus

Senator X - Died
Zinjanthrop - Resigned due to conviction
Kansko Chansko - Lost seat due to adultery scandal
Heineman - Became President
Gorkindachina - Resigned as part of deal

Heineman had expected a full house of all fifty-six senators, but there were as many as half a dozen carved and varnished chairs still empty when Senator Chalk assumed the Speaker's throne at the head of the kelakirikus.
'Gentlemen,' said Senator Chalk, 'your weapons, please, and be seated.' [EoH Ch12]

The senate roared, as if hungry. Gorkindachina smiled, happily. Then Chalk rose to his feet and spoke in his high, thin, querulous voice, that schoolmasterish voice which always provoked resentment in grown men forced to sit still and listen to it.
'Senators,' said Chalk. 'Positions of power are also positions of responsibility. We should remember that. We should also remember that the constitution specifically states that lines of power are also to be construed as being lines of communication.'
There was an uncomfortable silence. Chalk frequently referred to the constitution, to the great discomfort of his fellow senators, since only a handful had ever tried to read that Founding Document, and it is doubtful that even half of that handful had understood what little they had read. [WoH Ch6]

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