Senator X

Senator X'm X, annoying ally of Gorkindachina. Enjoys knitting. Dies in his home.

Indeed, Vignis Vo Gorkindachina was lumbering into the senate chamber, accompanied by a little old man who barely came up to his waist: a hunched gnomish figure extraordinarily dressed in woolen trousers and a matching sweater. This was Senator X'm X, the reclusive inhabitant of the Engramicus Mulch.
'Who's the clown?' said Soba. [WoH Ch6]

Heineman had inherited Gorkindachina's senate seat, and so was forever constrained to sit next to the gnomish Senator X'm X. Today, X was busy knitting a caftan, and he ignored Heineman studiously. With his silences and his indefatigable knitting, X'm X always made Heineman uncomfortable, and he was glad when the senate session got underway. [EoH Ch9]

It was not much to look at - in fact, Heineman thought it looked like a grossly enlarged version of the bauble that hung from the weird and wonderful hat often favoured by Senator X'm X. It was just a big gold-colored sphere, which would have been just about large enough to contain a young mongoose, had it been hollow. [EoH Ch16]

As Atlanta stood in the road, feeling a little foolish and more than a little shaky, a rickshaw wallah yelled at her. She got out of the way just in time to avoid being run down by the rickshaw. Riding high in that two-wheeled cart was Senator X'm X. Knitting, as usual. The sun flashed bright on the gilt bauble which adorned his inevitable woolen hat.
'Hello, Atlanta!' said the gnomish old man. 'Nice weather, isn't it?' [WoH Ch12]

At the foot of the pharos there had been built a gloomy, low-lying house. This was the Engramicus Mulch, the House of X, and, like the House Gorkindachina, it had been made of sablax, artificial armorstone cannibalized from ruined military fortifications.
The Engramicus Mulch was the home of Gorkindachina's oldest and greatest friend on Chalakanesia, Senator X'm X, a gnomish old man with few friends excepting Gorkindachina himself.
'Gorkindachina!' said X'm X, greeting his long-lost friend at the door. 'come in, come in!' [NoP Ch14]

He found it in the master bedroom: a shriveled corpse in the makeshift shroud of its woolen trousers, its woolen jersey. In the dimness of the shuttered bedroom, Gorkindachina's face gloomed in reflection in the golden trinket-ball which hung from the corpse's woolen hat.
Senator X'm X, Gorkindachina's oldest and most reliable friend on Islam Demaxus, had died, and was starting to rot. He had been outsurvived by a full-fleshed ghost, a doppelganger, but now that creature too had perished after the manner of its kind.
Gorkindachina's face looked down at X'm X's face, and X'm X's face moved. It was animated by that which inhabited it. That which inhabited it writhed, and crawled, and pulsed, fat and pale, soft and swollen. [NoP Ch14]

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