Senator Scarab

A Senator.

Senator Scarab had been absent from the riotous senate session of the previous day, and was a long time friend of old man Zinjanthrop. If anyone could rally support for Heineman in the senate, then it would be Scarab.
But, on reaching the House Scarab, Heineman was politely told that the senator was indisposed, and unable to see him, though he should feel free to call back at some time in the indeterminate future. [EoH Ch14]

The words penetrated Heineman's consciousness, and brought him back to the debate. Senator Scarab was speaking.
Senator Scarab was a man of uncertain age. He had been born some 341 years earlier, but had been temporally displaced at least twice, which meant he had skipped a good many of those years, probably living through a total of only 75 of them. He was a crabbed and timebeaten old man with a withered left arm and a face as gnarled as a walnut.
'We know,' said Scarab, 'that there has long been an informal boycott of these skins.' [EoH Ch5]

'Whose idea was this?' said Heineman.
'Senator Scarab's,' said Teladex, more his usual businesslike self now he had got over the initial difficulty of persuading Heineman to join him in a private conference. 'Scarab was head of the senate committee which went to Barth Banchup Bakchakris to observe our last elections.'
'This,' said Heineman, 'is not Barth Banchup Bakchakris.' [EoH Ch10]

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