Senator Flogo

Selwyn Fod Flogo, a Senator.

Ex-Husband of Lady Belinda Del Dorn.

Also: flogo and selwyn-fod-flogo

'Yes,' said Senator Sten. 'Heineman's foray into espionage, how about that?'
'The Family Jubiladilia, a state within a state,' said Senator Flogo.
That came as an enormous shock, since Heineman had always been convinced that Flogo was his ally - or at least was neutral. [EoH Ch12]

Belinda Skin Damsup Del Dorn, one of the several past wives of the much-married Senator Flogo, was head of Heineman's fund-raising committee. She was a vital mainstay of his campaign, the person in charge of raising his propaganda money, and he didn't want Panjalo doing anything to compromise that working relationship.
'Worry, then,' said Atlanta. 'But let's get up there before this crowd becomes quite impossible.' [EoH Ch10]

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